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`` Isang Pag-IBIG, Isang Pamilya ''

This is the centering of Pag-IBIG Fund as it observes the Twenty-eighth yr establishing anniversary. The Pag-IBIG Fund or the Place Development Open-end fund ( HDMF ) keeps its Twenty-eighth yr as one `` Big Happy Pag-IBIG Home ''. V.p. for Southern Mindanao Jose Tungsten Banzon, Jr in his message during the Household Day on Dominicus, Dec 14 at the Samarium Metropolis Event...


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Twittering Today

Yesterday and today 00:56 We have a visitor. He's currently in the living torturing a cockroach. Part siamese, we call it cat, kitty, meow meow or oi! # 00:58 I'm reading Christopher Golden's The Myth Hunters # 01:01 Should i buy Grace by Philosophy, Sake by Face Shope or the coconut & banana lotion at Beauty Bar? # 01:04 I called up Pag-Ibig Fund for a housing seminar & will...


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Pag-ibig Fund.....not fun

Yesterday was a holiday here in the city. Funny because as you get older, holiday means doing personal errands, since you get the chance to be off from work. So I went to Pag-ibig Fund at Atrium today. Pag-ibig Fund is a loan facility for Filipinos and it gives one of the lowest amortization rates for property.   I got mine at 7% compared to the going bank rate of 11%.   Well, as...


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Davao homebuyer welcomes Pag-IBIG-SM partnership for measures payment

A Pag-IBIG Fund homebuyer and TV anchor of Subject Broadcasting NetworkEthel Constantino welcomes the move of the Fund to mate with Sm for payment of lodging loans telling this gives the member another installation where to pay their loan amortisation. The partnership only begined and not many of the homeborrowers yet cognized of new development just as Constantino told aside from shopping at...


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Missing Obama

President Obama and Robert Howard, a ternary Medal of honor campaigner, maintain their fork out their bosoms during the playing of Lights-out at Arlington Subject Necropolis. The observance commemorated Subject Congressional medal of honor Day. About 35 medal receivers attended the event. I ca n't believe it. Obama presented upwards at Arlington Graveyard this forenoon. I was there, but...


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my interview with the `` relucant leader, accidential hero '' of Pag-IBIG Fund

I got the opportunity to question personalities and topranking functionaries in camera corps and regime offices, but i will value most my recent ( trap ) interviewof this `` loth leader, inadvertent hero '' of Pag-IBIG Fund. Everytime I larned of his coming to Davao, I and my media friends look frontwards to questioning him becauseAtty. Miro Quimbo is one personality that we could make a cabinet...


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Pag-IBIG Fund to found Information System Programs

The Place Development Mutural Fund ( HDMF ) or Pag-IBIG Fund is working on itsIntegrated Data system Programme ( IISPP ) projectas it continuosly seek to amend its services to members and spouses. Pag-IBIG Fund chief operating officerAtty. Romero F Second Quimbo doed the proclamation during the recent Mindanao Lodging Forum maintained in Davao Citywhere just about...


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HDMF, developers to offer places to OFWs

The Place Development Open-end fund ( HDMF ), popularly cognise as Pag-IBIG Fund, established a strategy that will offer places to abroad Filipino workers ( OFWs ) based on their demands. Pag-IBIG Fund senior v.p. for Provident Fund Operations Ophelia Dela Cerna, during the Southern Mindanao Developers Forum in Davao Metropolis, stated the progrgram is covered under the Pag-IBIG Place Matching...


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Unforgettable night!

... God's so amazing! kattapos lang ng farewell party para sa mga retiree sa opis.. andaming unexpected events na nangyari one of which was during my farewell speech to my boss.. which I ended in a short prayer. Actually, hindi ko talaga plano na ipag-pray sila pero I praise the Lord for that moment.. I believed way Nya din yun para ipaalam sa lahat how He has given us so much blessings this year!...


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Pursuant to the approval of the HDMF Fund Board of Trustees in its 255 th Board Meeting held last 30 March 2009, the Pag-IBIG Fund End-User Home Financing Program are hereby issued: 1. COVERAGE These guidelines shall apply to the following: 1.1. All accounts taken out beginning 1 April 2009 and onwards. Take out date shall refer to the date of the payee’s actual receipt...


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