Fic Recs of Doom: Not-so angsty Sam/Dean 2/2

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Running With Scissors R
Dean always chooses scissors.

Oh, it is love PG-13ish
Incest freakout... or not.

With Benefits PG-13
High school sweethearts sometimes choose to mark the occasion when their relationship becomes monogamous, officially -- often refered to as 'going steady.' Despite their... unique circumstances, Sam and Dean don't wind up being all that. Underaged.

Can't just walk away NC-17
There are car problems and hilarity ensues.

24 moments R
Dean searches for an impossible something to finally make Sam happy which he finds after paying a prostitute to help him.

Life as we know it R
Our boys buy curtains and fall in love

Worth Fifteen of Mine R
sammy's bday, epic schmoop ♥

The Sorta-Virgin Sacrifice NC-17
Turns out virginity is a state of mind and some demons aren't as picky as others.

So many of them R
In Jericho, Mississippi the gas station clerk says, “He always look atyou like that?” as she takes the crumpled bills from Dean. [Pureschmoop about the boys' obliviousness.]

Tangled up in you NC-17
It's been coming for a while now. Sam was just too close to see it.

Plus One NC-17
The one where Dean is weirded out by how people seem to think he andSam are pretty damn hot together, and decides to run some tests.

I can't wait to fall in love with you R
schmoop :D

Where I End and You Begin NC-17
Dean gets jealous. And then some stuff happens.

Dating for Dummies R
Oh Dean! Love!

The Gay That It Is (Or: The Gayest Gen Story Ever)


Inappropriate crack. Dean gets another ‘idea’, and the cliches run rampant. Flamingly rampant. PG-13 for boykissing.

But If You Ask Me Who (It's Always Been You) R
There's a time when it changes, what they do; changes from whatever it was, to whatever it is now.

Pillow Talk PG-13 gen
there's also a slash version to this one, but I kinda prefer the non-slash one. Uhm, weird. I know. But canon!Dean is plenty slash in himself :D

When Siblings e-Attack PG
Dean is epic, need I say more?

Whatever you say NC-17
“It blew up in your face, Dean. So, you know, maybe the spell might not have gone quite according to plan.”

Treat her like a lady R
You can never tell when a conversation with a really smokin' woman is going to come back and bite you in the ass. Dean gets cursed into dating Sam

Shall set you free PG-13
Truth Spell. Dean selling Sam's panties on ebay. and more. lol

Big Bangs & Longish Fics (2parts and more)

Boy Falling Out of the Sky NC-17
When Sam steps in to rescue a boy and theboy's best friend from Green Bank Regional High School's biggestbullies, he expects trouble. What he doesn't expect is the trouble hegets. Sam is sixteen and keeping all kinds of secrets from Dean--aboutthe boy he kind of likes and the supernatural situation he's foundhimself in. These secrets start to take their toll at home, where Deanis harboring his own secret, one that might be the most life-changingof all.

American Myth R
As long as you have a car, you are free, and other lies my country taught me. And, you know, one of the more brilliant plot devices: someone steals the Impala *gasps*

Seldom a straight line R
Time passes and Sam's powers have an unexpected effect on the lives of both him and his brother.

Stranger than Fiction NC-17
Set immediately post-The Monster at the End of This Book. Deancan't stop wondering why people would write gay porn about him and Sam.Research takes him to interesting places; re-reading novels forsubtext, visiting message boards, and a really freaky place calledLiveJournal. What he discovers is a sick fascination with fanfiction,more about gay sex than he ever wanted to know, and an even deeperobsession with understanding why people write this stuff. Meanwhile,they're hunting a mysterious monster that takes the form of a person'struest love to kill them slowly, the lines between fanfiction andreality are starting to break down, and they still have to stop Lilith and save the world.

You're The Last To Ask (For Help) R
Summary: “So you’re like that chick from X-men.” Dean says quietly.

The Epic Love Story of Sam and Dean NC-17
Set in the future, after the demon is dead: </em>Dean tries to figure out where to go from here.

Sam Winchester and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day NC-17
Sometimes, you just shouldn't get out of bed in the morning ... Favorite!

When it crackles heavy R
A cult is rumored to be guarding the Fountain of Youth. Oh, and whileinvestigating it, Sam and Dean get roped into getting married. Yep.

The truth in the lie NC-17
Sam and Dean pretend to be gay lovers while they hunt a monster on abus tour of Nova Scotia. Oh, yes, it has all those clichés and more!

The incestuous courtship of the antichrist's bride
Sam is trying to become the Antichrist in order to savethe world. He has a small army of angels and demons, he has an adoringcult, he has a work of prophecy by Jack Kerouac, and he has Dean.Things are going pretty well until he accidentally signs Dean up as hisBeloved Consort, a role that requires sex with the Antichrist on analtar. And that's when things stop going pretty well. Also, thesoundtrack to the Apocalypse sucks.

Give the Lie NC-17
It turns out Dean was wrong when he said there was no such thing as unicorns. It also turns out that when a unicorn steals your memories,you have to play nice to get them back. But what's a Winchester to doin the meantime?

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