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Abby the Bad Sport Part One

Hi, longtime commenter, first time snarker. If I make any screw-ups regarding formatting, please let me know. Anyway, you may be wondering why I chose Abby the Bad Sport for my first attempt at bat so to speak. Well, I was inspired by a bit of trivia in the BSC wiki, in the section about Mallory Pike, #1 Fan, which said this: Mallory Pike, #1 Fan made it to the final round of the Miss BSC Pageant...

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character we'll never see again


Please, if you are going to include a disorder/illness/disability in your story DO YOUR FREAKING RESEARCH No, "everybody experiences it differently" does not excuse your inaccurate portrayal.  That's basically a self-righteous way of saying "I googled it and these are the symptoms/stereotypes I cherry-picked to fit my plot and what I define them to mean." Why is this such a problem, you ask...

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RS_Games: have a *spectacular* muggle AU

Title: You Saw the Clouds Above, But I Saw the Universe Rating: PG Warnings: none [I would add warnings for mental illness and a psychiatric hospital scene] Word Count: 9300 Summary: One day Remus left and when he finally came back, he no longer saw the world that Sirius did. Oh MAN this is such a creative muggle AU, and the world it's in is built up really beautifully. The language is...

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Dear Yuletide Writer 2014

Dear Yuletide Writer, You are amazing, will be amazing, and always will be and have been amazing, just for this. You breathe in awesome and breathe out kickassness, it's a natural law. Sky's blue, light refracts, and you are made of win. Have a box of your favourite chocolate and coffee in advance. Thank you so much for being willing to write a fic for me! I can't wait to see what you'll come up...

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dear writer




Headcanon Game

 Hey! So i'm playing some headcanon games with some randomly generated characters and numbers from the following list, and thought I'd see if anyone wanted to know some of my headcanons. (Or, if you want, I can give you some headcanon prompts, just let me know!) Fandoms: Final Fantasy (VI, VII, VIII, XII, XIII (first two games), Tactics), MCU (mostly Captain America), Baccano!, Persona 3, Tiger &...

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z: will meme to avoid homework

The Boy Who Lived: Harry Potter Rec List (Part 3)

Part 1: Fic & Video // Part 2: Non-Fic Items // Part 3: Non-Fic Items cont. Updated: 11-6-14 I loved these books, and was the target generation of them. (I could take or leave the movies.) __________________________________________________________________ Categories: Hogwarts - Castle, Hogwarts - Outside Of, General Issues - with Series, General Issues - with Wizard Society,...

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harry potter


Пишет американка, наша современница: I know what it’s like to grow up with a disability. I know what it’s like to be excluded, mocked, and outcast. I know what it’s like to literally have stones thrown at you, because you are different, an “other”. I have a chip in my front tooth from a time that I fought back, but the (much larger) boy was wearing a ring...

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Just couldn't wait to make this post.

Extremely early post that wasn't suppose to go up until the fourth, but as I said, you can't hold me to the schedule. Anyway, this is the first of my December Posting Meme posts, prompted by melannen , and the topic is why chordates rock. Because of course it is. *g* So let's back up a moment and look at an overview of taxonomy. All of modern taxonomy assumes that evolution is true. None...

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real life

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Endeavour: First, Do No Harm (3/3)

Title : First, Do No Harm (3/3) Series : Endeavour Pairing : Morse/DeBryn Rating : PG-13 Summary : Sometimes it's hard to see whether Morse will provide the intellectual kinship to keep DeBryn from reaming out his brother officers, or be the one to drive him to distraction. Or, just possibly, fill a different role entirely. DeBryn is in his office preparing to go home one dark January evening...

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fic: endeavour




Le Telethon au Château de Fontainebleau

Samedi 6 décembre / Sabato 6 dicembre / Суббота, 6 Декабрь Château de Fontainebleau / Castello di Fontainebleau / Замок Фонтенбло The Telethon , a French fund-raising event, belongs to everyone! It takes place the first week-end of December every year with the help of hundreds of thousands of volunteers, millions of participants and lots of artists. The Telethon...

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