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Book Haven, Monday

Claudia had decided she couldn't let Stan out of her sight, so he was hanging out in the book store with her, today. "Come on," he said. "The bowling alley's not that far away!" "And risk you trying to build an AI in the arcade machines? No." "But these books are all really old! " "Suck it up, short stack. You're the one who decided to dismantle a stove." Stan sulked. "It wasn't gonna be a ...

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book haven claudia donovan

daffodils and cherry blossoms

2/19/11 Saturday Generally this was a very good day. I had a dream that Sarah-san and Sam had come to get me. Not sure how they managed this since they’re not allowed in the house. (“Daring prison break!” as Sarah-san put it when I texted them about it.) Then I had a dream about Digimon! Season 3, and it was Impmontastic. Since I had made plans to hang out with Sarah-san and Sam on Sunday...

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Book Haven: Thursday [4-14-11]

It might take a bit to get Millie's attention at the book store today. SHe's totally absorbed in the lastest book by her favorite author.

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book haven millie




Book meme day 5

5. A book you acquired in some interesting way Um. I take books out of skips, I pick up books in giveaway book shelves (like book crossing) ... but that all seems so common. I got a copy of The End of Mr Y this way, a total find to get an amazing book while on holiday, buried in bunches of cheesy romances and uninteresting suspense novels. I have a copy of 1984 that I bought twice. I got it as...

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book meme




Raggedy Chan Book Signing Events

Originally published at Pixiu Press Blog . You can comment here or there . I had two book signing events in the month of March: one at Copperfield’s in Healdsburg, and one at Borders in Santa Rosa. Before I write about the signings themselves, and what I learned, I want to take a moment to thank my mom. She goes to every Raggedy Chan event with me, no matter if it’s near or far. She’s sat...

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raggedy chan book signings

buy kindle store

- Storage potential of 3500 kindles and documents - Whispersync guide - No cost 3G wireless download - Normal hardware keyboard - More than 620,000 range of publications Apart from these current Amazon kindle options, it utilizes a new and far better electronic ink display to give a fifty% greater contrast for the clearest text and sharpest images. Aside from that, It arrives with an all new stylish...

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Missing Book Based on Peter Pan Mythos

I'm looking for a book that I found in the 1990's in a used book store based on the Peter Pan Mythos. It may have been written earlier, & it may have been set in England, but I'm not certain. It was a horror story & on the cover was a pram/stroller. On the back I think it mentioned the bit about lost boys falling out of their prams. I believe that the main character was a new parent & it was about...

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fairy tales ***lost book*** kidnapping horror fantasy




Keret's book #1 in 2010 at Tzomet Sfarim chain

According to Globes economic magazine, Keret's " Suddenly, a Knock on the Door " was the best selling book in 2010 at Tzomet Sfarim (leading Israeli book store chain), outselling Stieg Larsson's " The girl with the Dragon Tattoo " and Dan Brown's " The Lost Symbol " .

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В борьбу за термин App Store включились HTC, Nokia и Sony Ericsson

Компании HTC, Nokia и Sony Ericsson совместно с Microsoft потребовали признать недействительными товарные знаки "App Store" и "Appstore", зарезервированные в Европе за Apple. С соответствующими заявлениями компании обратились в Ведомство по...

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Nokia и Sony Ericsson В борьбу за термин App Store включились

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