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Whew I'm so relieved to get my normal LJ back after using some Brazillian proxy for LJ. Thursday afternoon was class outing with stacy eugene qiongye kaiqi victor weizhi samantha rainer ernest. We literally sat around GV at Marina Square for a long time deciding what to do, but in the end we decided on watching Beverly Hills Chihuahua . The title irked me as I thought it was too much of a mouthful...


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Rashied came to visit me in this dream. I don't know if he was planning on going back home, but I remember at the end of it, I said that I didn't want him to leave. He said he knew that, and he didn't want to leave either. I think we were outside, but it was somewhere familiar. There was snow on everything. I held onto him as long as I could. Later in the dream, I was ... man, I don't even know. I...


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Magnificent Celebration for Magnificent Desolation

Image by Getty Images via Daylife It was an "out of this world " celebration for members of the Echelon club who honored Astronaut Buzz Aldrin , one of the first men to set foot on the moon, at the 40th Anniversary Dinner of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing. The memorable affair was held at Los Angeles' prestigious Regency Club Penthouse Ballroom and was hosted by Baroness Kimberly...


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I am happy! It's Christmas soon and tomorrow I will spend the day with my mom in the city going to TWO book stores, The Science Fiction book store (where I basically live) and a rather recently-opened book store which only carries English books. Yaaay! I'm more than likely to pick something up from there as a *cough* "Christmas gift to myself" *cough* The last time I went to the Sci Fi book store...


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Feburary the 19th and 20th: Been a busy two days

Busy may not be the right word, but I found another mall in this town! Seriously, it's hard to find since only one bus route makes the stop there (red OF COURSE) and they stop at the back so if you don't know what you're looking for it's easy to miss, but I had an idea so I went off by myself yesterday and had a mini adventure. I didn't mean to go off by myself, I wanted to go with Olivia but then...


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So I went out with Lydia today. We saw Surrogates, went to Chilis, and then went to the book store. I bought my bro the Communist Manifesto. Surrogates sucks btw. Don't see it lol. It was a waaaaste. Tomorrow is my last day staying @ home and the day mom comes home from vacation. BAAAAAAAAAAAW.


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Order books online in India

Folks, I justed loved this site. I needed two books one of which wasn't common one at all. This online bookstore had both. Orders above I think Rs200 had free shipping- which is great as your order can easily cross Rs200. They are very prompt in delivering. I would say extra prompt- the two books that I ordered had different availability dates. The not so common one takes more time for them to get...


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I Can Hear The Decadence Calling

Today, I had to enroll my sisters Vanilla and Mocha. When we arrived at MCHS, I realized something. I left the cheques and their report cards at home. I'm so irresponsible! It slipped my mind. Haha. So, we had to go back to the house and get those things. We got hungry so we made Tita Flor pack lunch for us so we can eat it while on the road. It was traffic going to Miriam because of some rallyists...


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Video 001

The screen blinks a few times before static ensues. A voice can be heard, but no picture at the moment. 'Dammit, this phone wasn't as nearly complicated as my other phone. Let's see, maybe it was this one?' The screen bleeps a few more times before an image of a young woman appears on it. There was a sigh of relief before she put on her best smile. 'Bonjour to anyone that see this. I wanted...


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Dream Report

I am so thankful and excited to report this dream.  I did sleep regularly and got a full eight hours, but then found I was very tired a few hours later so I decided to go back to sleep.  This was when I had the dream. My dad and I were catching up with one another about different things.  I remember him talking to me about food, him having a new girlfriend he was going to meet up with, and that...


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