MyRating.ljseek.com – know your rating!

We’re happy to announce new addition to ljseek.com family. Myrating.ljseek.com is a tool allowing to track your LiveJournal link popularity. Here is example how it looks:

My rating

Find out more at myrating.ljseek.com

Winter news

About 3 months have passed since our last news update. We’ve implemented number of new features in this time and started few new projects. Here is the short list:

  • Fine grain control over indexing and caching
  • Browse LiveJournal content by tags
  • Find Journals by their name and description
  • Image Search.

 … read more

LjSEEK.COM: September News

Huh, we’re late with update this month, also instead of description of new nice features we’ve implemented you’ve got downtime warning in the start of October.

Now there are finally some good news.

First we’re pleased to say stability problems seems to disappear the same mysterious way as they came. The box is not crashing everytime we start to update index any more while we were told no hardware was replaced or anything.

Second – we’re pleased to announce we’re moving this service from rental servers to our own collocation faculty in San Jose. At the same time we’re doing software updates – this version is up and running at http://beta.ljseek.com – give it a try and let us know the problems you’ll find out. We should point main site to the same location soon.  … read more

LjSEEK.COM Search service experiencing downtime.

Our search service is temporary unavailable. We’re working on problem resolution and will try to fix it as soon as possible.

Technical Details:

Our main search index server is having hardware problems right now – it just powers off itself during times of high load. Unfortunately our hosting provider was yet unable to resolve the problem.

We’ll post comments to this post at livejournal, as soon as we have more details available: http://www.livejournal.com/users/ljseek/2260.html

LjSEEK.COM and Privacy

Recently we’ve been getting lot of questions and requests regarding privacy. The privacy is extremely important to us. Usually journal owners appreciate their posts to be searchable, which increases journal audience allows to find more friends and get more comments, some however would like to limit visibility. But how do you discover what journal owner really wants ? … read more